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If You're Not Growing, You're Not Leading
Develop the Skills and Mindset to Be a Better Leader
Maximize Your Time
Follow the reading plans, and leverage the supporting resources to maximize your learning and personal growth in as little as 20-minutes a day.

The included teachers resources allow you to replicate your growth and teach life-changing lessons to your ministry teams or even your entire congregation.
Personal Growth to Enhance Your 
Leadership Ability
Discover and learn from the strategies of the most effective and successful leaders, theologians, researchers, dynamic influencers, and classic authors, taking their knowledge and applying it to your skills, knowledge, and life practices. 

Your depth of leadership is directly determined by the depth of your personal growth. Becoming a better leader requires absorbing knowledge, wisdom, and life lessons. There's no reason to re-invent the wheel when you can stand on the shoulders of those who have already succeeded.
Knowledge & Skills You Can Quickly Share
Use the compiled teaching resources in the PreacherCrate to maximize the impact, quickly replicate the lessons and teach them to your leadership teams, ministries, or even your entire congregation. 

With complete lesson plans, teacher notes, student handouts, lesson slides, and lesson illustrations, you can easily level-up your teams and make them more efficient and effective regardless of their role.
The True Value of PreacherCrate
Develop the Skills and Mindset to Be a Better Leader
Inside every PreacherCrate, there are two books, along with our MasterGuide, which includes an easy-to-follow reading plan for finishing both books in only 21 days. The MasterGuide also includes executive summaries, a practical plan to put the principles into action. Also included is a 4-week teacher packet and training resources, so you can quickly teach the principles from one of the included books.
What's Inside?
Two books hand-picked to deliver the most value for ministers to increase their knowledge and develop their skills and vision as a leader.
An easy-to-follow reading plan for completing both books in as little as three weeks at 20-30 minutes a day.
A complete teacher's kit based on one of the included books, with a 4-week lesson plan, teacher's notes, student handouts, and slides.
The MasterGuide helps internalize the main principles and concepts of each book for maximum learning retention and practical next steps to implement the strategies you learn.
A download card with links to additional, downloadable resources like digital copies of the teacher and student handouts, lesson slides, video lessons and more.
Quote cards with memorable quotes and highlights from each book to enhance learning retention and teachability.
PreacherCrate members get exclusive access to a private, member's only community to share insights, discuss current reading, and get advice from each other.
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